PAYROLL Services

We can help you reduce the time spent on administration through developing and implementing a computerized payroll system that will facilitate processing, timely payment and preparation of tax returns.


If you have a handful of employees without complicated payroll needs, doing it yourself will likely be your cheapest option. You'll simply have to decide whether or not you want to spend your time (or pay someone to spend theirs) getting the paychecks out when you could be running your business instead.  We offer a variety of options that can fit your needs.

Monthly & Quarterly Reporting

Employers must submit periodic payroll reports to the IRS and state taxing authority.  Although the reports may be annual, quarterly payroll reports are very common.  In addition, some annual reports require that employers make deposits, requiring internal payroll reports to ensure that the entire liability is paid by year-end.  The IRS regulates the requirements for federal tax reports, but reporting guidelines vary by state.  Payroll services offered can provide light services to help calculate taxes and allow you to follow through with these requirements with local, state and federal authorities, or services can provide more electronic completion of these requirements lessening the burden and time it takes to complete.  The choice is yours, we can provide as little or as much assistance in this area as you need.

W2 & 1099 Preparation

For clients on our payroll service we also offer;

Year-End: W2's,  1096 and 1099's are automatically processed for employers. (W2's are uploaded to SSA & 1099's uploaded to IRS)


Direct Deposit

Offering direct deposit saves money for employers over time. The time spent on payroll is reduced when direct deposit is offered.  There is no need to write and fold checks, stuff them into envelopes and make sure they get delivered to every employee. Direct deposit takes out the extra work and makes payroll processing simple and efficient.

  • Reduced risk of fraud or stolen checks
  • Greater control over payroll and additional payroll expenses
  • Timely payment of paychecks, even when employees aren’t in the office
  • Reduced time spent on bookkeeping

Save time for you and your employees with direct deposit offering.  Easy, faster and safer than processing a payroll check manually.  


Let's get started saving you time & money.